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cPWD 2.6

cPWD 2.6: Protect the local administrator account across the network. A powerful Information Security Management tool that will protect the local administrator account across the network. Search Active Directory. Target multiple Administrator accounts based on the Security Identifier Descriptor (SID). Dynamically generate and apply C2-Compliant random passwords. Rename the local administrator account. Update services configured to logon with domain credentials. History kept on all system changes made with cPWD.

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Random Password Generator 6.01.050404

administrator passwords that are updated on a regular basis. Manually generating random passwords and changing all local administrator accounts on a scheduled basis is prohibitively expensive and time consuming for many IT departments. Random Password Generator, in coordination with User Manager Pro, simplifies this process, giving an administrator the ability to schedule account updates on every system and set the built-in administrator accounts

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Forgot Administrator Password 2.0.1: Replace or recover lost and forgotten Windows passwords
Forgot Administrator Password 2.0.1

Forgot administrator password? Can`t access a Windows account? Recover lost or forgotten Windows passwords by booting from a CD or flash drive! Forgot Administrator Password instantly recovers forgotten Windows passwords, unlocks locked and disabled accounts, and can turn any user account into an administrator. The latest edition of Forgot Administrator Password can replace or recover Windows Vista passwords.

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Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell 1.0.014: A set of Windows PowerShell cmdlets for account lockout troubleshooting
Account Lockout Examiner for PowerShell 1.0.014

administrators automate the detection and resolution of account lockouts. Administrators can now identify account lockouts, examine most likely causes for account lockouts and unlock accounts directly from scripts developed using the product. The product provides very simple set of cmdlets in order to simplify basic aspects of account lockout troubleshooting by leveraging Windows PowerShell. Administrators can get started right away using the sample

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Active Directory Self Service 9.12.01: Simplify managing information in Windows Active Directory
Active Directory Self Service 9.12.01

account, a significant time of the administrator / help desk technician is wasted. In addition, the output of end user is affected, as he has to wait for the administrator to come and reset his account’s password or unlock the locked out account. Chily Active Directory Self Service simplifies the task of the administrator as it enables the end user to perform self account unlock and self password management. Using this amazing Active Directory

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AD Password Reset 1.7: Reset lost or forgotten Windows administrator and domain passwords
AD Password Reset 1.7

administrator and other account passwords, change forgotten domain administrator password with ease. Safely reset administrator and user passwords on Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 / XP /2003 / 2000 systems in case an Administrator`s password is forgotten or lost. No need to reinstall Windows, No data loss! Key Features & Benefits * 100% recovery rate. * Reset local Administrator and other account passwords. * Change passwords to Active Directory accounts

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Internet Explorer Password Changer IE misplaced password breaking software rescue Yahoo Gmail MSN email secret code
Internet Explorer Password Changer

IE password revelation software recover, reset and recall key code of multiple email account developed on EarthLink, Yahoo, Comcast, MSN, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, MySpace etc regardless of password length and complexity. Unmask utility uncover asterisks character of any windows application or administrator account in its original readable text format. Powerful authentication code reveal program rescue FTP, Autocomplete string and auto form password.

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